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Quotations and sayings with an environmental theme

Albert Einstein enjoyed the natural world. There is a story about him and the novelist William Golding, who wrote "Lord of the Flies". In the 1930s, Golding was still a student at Brasenose College in Oxford. Einstein was in his 50s and already famous. He could read and write English very well, but he spoke English with a very strong German accent. One day Golding was standing on a bridge near Magdalen College, looking down at the river. A small man with a large moustache and hat stopped next to him, and also looked down at the river. Golding recognised Einstein immediately, but he couldn't thnk of anything to say. After a moment, he gave him a big smile to show "the affection and respect that the English felt for him". They stood there in friendly silence for several minutes. Eventually, Einstein pointed down at a trout in the river and said "Fisch!". Golding used half his vocabulary in German to say "Fisch, ja, ja!". Then the great man continued his walk.